Print Class Lists

Use Banner (INB) – This will allow you to print but you cannot load the data into a spreadsheet.

1. Go to screen GJAPCTL

2. Process is SWRSLST (Class Roster)

3. Leave Parameter Set blank

4. Hit "Control Page Down" on your keyboard OR the “Next Block” icon in Banner

5. Printer: DATABASE

6. Leave "Special Print, Lines and Submit Time" blank

7. Hit "Control Page Down" on your keyboard OR the "Next Block" icon in Banner

8. Enter the following parameters:

  • Report Title Override – blank
  • Term – Enter the current term
  • Part-of-term – Choose % to cover everything
  • CRN – Enter the CRN for the course in question or % for all (Note: if you wish to print off more than one CRN you can insert a record and add the additional
  • CRNs)
  • Missing Grades - %
  • Section Sort Order – P
  • Campus – Best to use %, but of course 1 is St. John’s, 4 is Grenfell Campus, X is Distance, etc.
  • Combine Cross-listed sections – Normally N
  • Print Student Addresses – Normally N
  • Address Selection Date – If choosing N above then do not worry about a date
  • Address priority and type(s) – 1PR
  • Department Code – Normally %
  • RSTS code (Registration status code) - %
  • Print Student Email addresses – Y or N
  • Student Sort Order – 1 for Name
  • MUN or MI Levels – MUN
  • Include all courses – Y
  • Element Code - %
  • Degree Attribute - %

9. Hit "Control Page Down" on your keyboard OR the “Next Block” icon in Banner

10. Save

11. Choose Options from the top menu bar and select PDF output

12. Hit “Sel” for the report. It should pop up in a new window.

Using Faculty Self-Service (This is the method that is most recommend. Instructors can load the list into a spreadsheet for their own records). It is the department’s decision whether or not to give their faculty/instructors access to Faculty Self-Service.

1. From Main Menu, Choose "Course Menu."

2. There are 5 versions to choose from – Detail Class List, Summary Class List, Downloadable Version of Class List, and then Detail Wait List and Summary Waitlist. The downloadable version can be cut and pasted into Word or Excel.

3. Complete the parameters to meet your requirements. All of the parameters do not need to be Remember % is a wild card. For faculty members, it is best just to enter the CRNs for the courses they are teaching. For departments, you may want to use % to capture all of the courses.


Using D2L
1. Click on "Memorial@Home" on main website.

2. Choose "Log into your Web Course" from main Distance website.

3. Log in using your MyMun password.

4. Under the "Instructors" tab you should see the courses you are teaching listed.

5. Click on the course that you want.

6. If you just wish to print out a class list, then click on the "Communications" tab on the top menu bar:

  • Select "Classlist" from the drop down list.
  • If you just wish to include the student (not teaching assistants, etc) then select the "Student" tab.
  • Click on the top left hand box if you wish to select all students.
  • Select print.

7. If you want to export the information in the class list into a spreadsheet program:

  • Under the "Assessments" tab at the top menu bar, choose Grades.
  • Select "Enter Grades."
  • Select "Export."
  • Under "User Details" select the parameters that you want (last name, first name, email, etc).
  • Deselect any other items that you do not require (for example, under Grade Item, you may not need Final Calculated Grade).
  • Click on "Export to Excel" or "Export to CSV."
  • This should automatically bring up another box and you need to select your course.