Course & Program Development

Are you interested in developing a course or program for online delivery? We're here to help.

CITL supports online courses during the entire development cycle: from initial development, to maintenance, to redevelopment. Throughout the different stages, our course design team collaborates with you - the content experts - to create innovative and effective learning resources.

The following video explains what to expect while working with our team to develop an online course.

Our team of instructional designers can provide you with advice that complements your individual teaching strategy. This includes:

  • Collaborating to choose suitable educational tools that best serve instruction in an online environment;
  • Providing advice to best present course materials online in an effective and accessible way, such as including video and other interactive multimedia-based learning objects;
  • Working to support you in the delivery of your course, once the development or redevelopment is complete.

For further information on curriculum and course development, please refer to our Content Author's Guide.

For information and inquiries about developing a course or program for online delivery, please contact us.

Course Maintenance

Once an online course is developed, we continue to support you with the maintenance of your course each time it is offered. This includes updating content and making slight changes as needed, as well as ensuring the integrity of your course is in tact so that you can focus on what matters most - teaching.

Specifically, our course maintenance team can:

  • Prepare your course site and making routine edits
  • Ensure all links and copyright references are current and functional
  • Troubleshoot issues with your course as necessary