Making it Work

As a working professional and Mom, online learning is giving Tonya Hiscock the convenience she needs to balance work, life and study. As a full-time registered nurse, Tonya is completing a master of nursing degree online with Memorial.

Watch Tonya’s story and learn about online learning at Memorial.

Staying on Track

Online learning lets on-campus students like Nick Snow balance school, work and extracurricular activities.

By taking online courses each semester along with on-campus courses, Nick has the flexibility he needs to complete his degree and be a member of the Memorial’s Sea Hawks Men’s Varsity Cross-country Running Team.

Hear more from Nick and learn about online learning at Memorial.

Quality Instruction

Dr. David Behm, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, teaches on campus and online courses at Memorial.

While the modes of learning may be different, he believes online learning affords the same opportunities for quality instruction as face-to-face learning.

Dr. Behm explains how using technology to teach can help him stimulate learning, and connect and interact with students.