Faculty leadership

Goal: Incorporate academic leadership in the planning of the annual teaching and learning conference.

Supports Strategic Priority 1:
Elevate the value of teaching and learning as a scholarly practice and a core pillar of the institution by defining, fostering and recognizing teaching excellence and educational leadership.

Christina Thorpe, head of the Psychology Department, Faculty of Science, accepted the invitation to be the inaugural faculty co-chair for Memorial’s Teaching and Learning Conference 2022.

As part of this role, Dr. Thorpe acted as a ceremonial faculty head and co-led the conference alongside a CITL co-chair. She also chaired the conference program planning committee with representatives from across the institution and led discussions and decisions about the conference program content and format. 

The faculty co-chair plays a significant role in this event, ensuring that the conference is relevant, representative, and respectful of the Memorial community. It also relates to our priority by fostering a professional development opportunity in educational leadership for faculty of Memorial. 


2022 Conference Presenters
Proposals Submitted / Accepted
Percentages - Faculty: 36, Staff: 32, Student: 23, Alumni: 4, Other: 5.  Proposals submitted - 2021: 32, 2022: 42.  Proposals accepted - 2021: 20, 2022: 27 
The 2022 conference had representation
from all facets 
of the University.
2022 saw a 35% growth in
proposals accepted.