Strategic promotion

Goal: Strategically promote CITL services and programs through consistent and effective communication approaches.

Supports Strategic Priority 2:
Understand our stakeholder needs, align core services to these needs and clearly communicate these services to inform our teaching and learning community.

CITL supports and works with many facets of the Memorial community, and it is important that community members know about the services we can provide them. In an effort to improve how CITL promotes its programs and services, a new marketing and communications strategy has been developed to guide and help streamline planning and activities based on who we serve - our audiences.

Six audience groups

CITL broadly serves six audience groups: students, instructors, academic units, university leadership groups, collaborative partners and its own CITL staff.

The following is an overview the Audience-based services and information (PDF) relevant to each of our audiences:

A grid is displayed of six categories of CITL's audiences: leadership groups, academic units, instructors, students, partners and CITL staff. Underneath each audience is a list of relevant CITL information and services.

Our new strategy integrates both marketing and communications functions, and aims to ensure our audiences receive timely and relevant information through appropriate and effective channels. It also benefits the unit's staff by engaging them in the process, and providing a holistic strategy for the team to use as a foundation for proactive promotion and communications each semester.

The strategy is currently being used to guide plans and activities for the fall 2023 semester, and it will continue to guide plans for the 2023-24 academic year.