Read our Spring 2023 highlights to learn about the work we are doing to achieve specific goals in our plan:

A female professor looks at the camera as she sits in the front row of an empty classroom.

Assessing needs

A new survey for instructors was administered in the fall 2022 semester as a pilot for an annual survey CITL will be conducting to anticipate the needs of Memorial’s instructors. Results from the pilot survey were used to inform the unit’s Featured Resources and Instructor Series webinars for the winter 2023 semester. Going forward, CITL will use the survey results to inform its services and resources.

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Photo of a blue departmental sign displaying the Memorial University logo and unit name,

Strategic promotion

We support and work with many facets of the Memorial community, and it is important that community members know about the services we can provide them. In an effort to improve how CITL promotes its programs and services, a new marketing and communications strategy has been developed to guide and help streamline planning and activities based on who we serve - our audiences.

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A computer screen displays a learning object within an online course site.

Media design standards

When working with instructors to develop high quality courses, CITL is improving its efforts to create more effective multimedia instruction that aims to reduce students' cognitive load of course content. Using Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning and the 15 design principles as a guide, a new self-study tutorial and workshop have been developed for its staff to ensure they have foundational knowledge on designing multimedia content that is consistent with how students learn.

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