Media Services

Our award-winning Media Services team creates rich educational resources that enhance the teaching and learning experience, both within Memorial University and beyond.

Using a collaborative approach, producers, production technologists and multimedia specialists work closely with instructional designers, faculty members and content experts. This allows the team to play an integral role in the design, development and delivery of online and on-campus courses, as well as educational outreach projects with external partners.


Video Production

Video producer looks through camera.

Our video production capabilities are unmatched by other Canadian universities. Within our video production unit, a team of producers and production technologists work closely with instructional designers and faculty members to create video productions for both on-campus and online learning applications.

Alongside the many course productions, each year producers and technologists work on a number of outreach projects for Memorial University and external partners including:

  • Special events
  • Training
  • Webcasts
  • Promotional and informational videos
  • Documentary work



Multimedia animation example

The use of multimedia in teaching can make content more engaging, thereby enhancing student motivation and success. Our team works with instructors to develop tailored, creative solutions for learning resources.

We have a broad range of capabilities in multimedia development with artists, animators and programmers on staff. As a result our team can develop a range of multimedia from graphics and games to hand-drawn animations and simulations.



For more information about Media Services at CITL please contact:

Donna Downey
Manager, Media Services
Phone: 864-4061