Inclusive spaces

Goal: Establish Audiovisual (AV) design standards to improve accessibility and inclusiveness in learning spaces.

Supports Strategic Priority 4:
Work to create accessible learning experiences according to defined standards, thus enabling inclusive teaching and learning.

The CITL Classroom Support team, in collaboration with Facilities Management, The Blundon Centre and ITS, have developed comprehensive Audiovisual (AV) Design standards for university learning spaces.  The standard outlines requirements for designing and installing audiovisual technology at the university.  It acts as a benchmark for new designs, renovations, and existing learning spaces.

As a reference for designing high quality and valuable audiovisual solutions, it enables the team to deliver consistent and quality audio and video to learners across St. John's campus. It also guides communications with CITL partners, outlining requirements for outsourced designs and installations.

The comprehensive standard addresses requirements for classrooms and lecture halls, active learning classrooms (ALC - pic below), computer labs, hybrid classrooms, huddle/study spaces, and conference rooms. It also outlines best practices to ensure maximum intelligibility of presented material and defines additional accessibility features to be considered in learning space design.


Newly renovated active classroom showing flexible tables and chairs that can move around.