Fees & Charges

Distance Education Administrative Fee

Unless otherwise specified, tuition fees are charged according to the credit hour value associated with the registered course(s). A Distance Education (DE) administrative fee is applied to any student's account that is enrolled in an online course. Other related university fees are associated with being a student at Memorial University.

The following DE administrative fees are based on a regular, three credit hour course:

  • Students residing within Newfoundland and Labrador: $51
  • Students residing outside of Newfoundland and Labrador: $102

The DE administrative fee is used to underwrite the cost of a wide range of services for students including:

  • technical support for online courses
  • handling and distribution of course materials
  • postage and other expenses related to the administration of online courses

This fee is applied to your student account at the time of registration.

Administration fee refunds will only be applied when a course is dropped and course materials are returned in good, unmarked condition within seven working days of the last day to add courses, as stated in the university's academic diary. If a course is dropped and associated materials are not returned, your financial account will continue to reflect the DE administrative fee.

Request for Deferred Exam Fee

There is a fee of $65 for each approved deferred exam.

Change of Exam Site Fee

There is a fee of $50 to change your exam site for each exam scheduled.

Other Fees

Information on other fees associated with being a student at Memorial University is available in the University Calendar.