Things to know when teaching online

1. Course Maintenance Assistants (CMAs) are available to help you get your course site ready for the upcoming semester.

  • You are expected to verify the links and dates in your course site are current.
  • If you are not the Content Author for the course, you may need permission to make certain changes. Please contact your CMA for further information.
  • If you need assistance, contact the CMA assigned to your department.

2. You are expected to invigilate exams in your course.

  • For help with setting up your exam, contact Marlene Chidley - (709) 864-8478.
  • For further information on exam administration and technical support for online courses, please visit the Faculty Resource Centre site in Brightspace (D2L).

3. Your textbook is ordered by your department.

  • Please contact your departmental office for more information.

4. Please inform your Course Maintenance Assistant as soon as possible if there will be any library reserves to be added or deleted for the upcoming semester.

5. Technical support is available for you and your students at:

6. Online Rooms is the synchronous communication tool that enables you to connect with your students online in real time.

  • You are welcome to use this tool in any course and some courses are designed to use it heavily.
  • It's important to be comfortable with this tool before you use it.
  • Contact CITL's Teaching and Learning Exchange (TLX) for a hands-on demonstration.

7. For additional help using Brightspace (D2L), Online Rooms or any other learning technologies for your online course: