Strategic Priority 2

Understand our stakeholder needs, align core services to these needs and clearly communicate these services to inform our teaching and learning community.


  Survey instructors annually on their needs for instructional resources and professional development.   80%
  Develop a support model that connects academic units to CITL expertise and resources that assists them in meeting teaching and learning goals.   85%
  Strategically promote CITL services and programs through consistent and effective communication approaches.   65%
  Identify needs of academic units and instructors to support the design and development of programs, courses and teaching practices.   0%
  Provide students with a comprehensive suite of learning resources through the Academic Success Centre.    65%

 1 not started, 4 in progress,  58% complete for this priority.

Other related work: 

In preparation for welcoming two new cohorts of students to campus in fall 2021, a series of new online syllabi resources were created for instructors. Developed by a pan-university committee with representation from CITL, the resources included information that reflected the pandemic environment and the return to in-person instruction. The resources continue to be updated, as required.

In collaboration with Memorial's Faculty Relations, CITL supports the orientation program for faculty members and instructors who are new to Memorial. In fall 2022, the program was refreshed with new content that focuses on student support, equity and accessibility; a combination of virtural presentations and a Brightspace site with self-paced modules was also introduced.

One of CITL's core activities is collaboring with academic units and instructors to develop online courses and programs for Memorial. In response to a need in the Faculty of Education for graduate programming with an intensive focus on reading development and instruction, two new online programs were developed. The Graduate Diploma in Reading Development and Instruction was launched in winter 2021, and the Master of Education (Reading Development and Instruction) was launched in winter 2022.

As part of CITL's support for online courses, we administer invigilated exams and provide related support to both students and instructors. In response to an increasing number of students who reported being unaware of exam policies and procedures, we began hosting new information sessions for students in online courses in spring 2022. The sessions are held each semester, and are focused on policies and procedures for invigilated exams, including exam forms and other requirements; they also provide an opportunity for students to ask questions.