Teaching Innovations and Learning Enhancement Fund

The Teaching Innovations and Learning Enhancement (TILE) fund is an institution-wide funding competition offered through the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL). The TILE fund helps achieve the teaching and learning priorities of Memorial’s Strategic Plan, Transforming Our Horizons. The fund is designed to encourage exploration of new and innovative practices in teaching and learning, and support Memorial’s educators as they seek to foster their own development and enhance the learning experiences of their students.

The TILE fund has $75,000 for the 2023 competition with individual projects being eligible to receive up to $15,000 to support project implementation and dissemination. The TILE fund calls for proposals that align with the purpose and objectives of the fund. Details on the fund and the application requirements and procedures are below.

Summary timeline

September 1, 2023 TILE applications due
October 6, 2023 Competition results released
October 7, 2023 Projects commence
October 15, 2024 Projects presented at a TILE Showcase
November 29, 2024 Project summary reports due

Purpose and objectives

The purpose of the TILE fund is to support teaching and learning initiatives that are evidence-based and enhance the undergraduate student educational experience by enabling accessibility, deepening engagement and facilitating student success.

Specific objectives of the TILE fund are:

  • Encourage the adoption of innovative teaching practices that inspire undergraduate learning
  • Build on recent successes and developments in the changing landscape of undergraduate education
  • Address principles of indigenization and EDI-AR
  • Develop innovative use of educational technologies and different modes of instruction to support undergraduate student learning
  • Enhance the flexibility of course design and modes of delivery
  • Facilitate interaction among undergraduate learners, educators, staff and the community
  • Support multi-disciplinary, cross portfolio, cross campus and/or community collaborations

Application themes

Applications for TILE funding must address at least one of the following themes:

Indigenization, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism and/or Accessibility
Projects explore a topic in areas of (but not limited to): Indigenization of undergraduate curriculum and pedagogy; anti-Black racism in undergraduate curriculum and pedagogy; connecting with rural and remote undergraduate students; and Universal Design for Learning.

Teaching Practices, Modes of Delivery and Learning Technologies
Projects explore innovative approaches to teaching in Memorial's different modes of delivery (in-person, independent study, flexible, blended, remote and online) and/or with learning technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, gaming and virtual reality) to enhance undergraduate student learning.

Experiential Learning in Undergraduate Education
Projects explore one of the following approaches to experiential learning to enhance student development:

  • Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) - e.g., organized service to help the community, which is connected directly to courses and linked to credits
  • Curriculum-Integrated Experiential Learning (CIEL) - i.e. experiential learning activities integrated within a course


All full-time educators (tenured, tenure-track, contract, lab instructors, and other instructional staff) of Memorial University are eligible to apply as principal applicants. Per-course instructors, non-instructional staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students can apply as co-applicants.

Application process

A TILE application form must be completed and submitted to CITL by the deadline. All projects must be endorsed by the unit head (department, faculty or school) of the principal applicant. The TILE fund application form requires the following:

  • Clear and concise project title
  • General project description
  • Description of how the project relates to the TILE fund's purpose and objectives, including expected benefits to students
  • Identification of application theme(s) addressed and description of how the project relates to these themes
  • Description of how the project aligns with the applicant's teaching philosophy
  • Outline of the activities needed to complete the project within the allocated time frame
  • Budget outline with itemized expenses (computer and equipment purchases are not eligible unless they directly relate to the objectives of the project); funding cannot be used for course remuneration purposes. Each project is eligible to apply for a maximum of $15,000.
  • Agreement to present at a TILE Showcase
  • Description on how project will be further disseminated beyond the TILE Showcase
  • Signatures from the principal applicant and their unit head (dean or department)


Applicants must complete and submit the application form for the TILE fund by 5 p.m. on September 1, 2023.

Successful applicants will be notified October 6, 2023, and projects can commence once CITL issues a letter of offer of funding to the principal applicant.


Adjudication of applications will be the responsibility of a panel of university representatives established and chaired by CITL. The director of CITL or their designate will be responsible for making the final decisions regarding funding, based on recommendations received from the adjudication panel.

Evaluation criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The project is focused on undergraduate student learning.
  • The project addresses at least one of the three themes outlined above.
  • The project contributes to the TILE fund purpose and objectives, as outlined above.
  • The project purpose, objectives and activities are aligned and achievable within the alloted project timeline.
  • The project aligns with the teaching philosophy of the applicant(s).
  • The project has promise to create impactful and sustainable benefits for students and/or educators.
  • The budget is in line with the objectives and timeline of the project.
  • The applicant agrees to present their work at a TILE Showcase and consider other means of dissemination.

Reporting and dissemination

A brief report on the project will be due to CITL on November 29, 2024. A report template will be provided to successful applicants.

Acceptance of TILE funding includes applicant agreement to present their project results at a TILE Showcase. Applicants are also asked to consider other means of scholarly dissemination.

Contact us

For questions about the TILE fund, please email our Educator Development Team: educatordev@mun.ca