Teaching Support

No matter if you teach online or on campus, CITL provides a variety of services that support your teaching practice and delivery at Memorial University.

Featured Resources

Review our featured resources each semester for self-paced guides and recorded webinars that will help you and your students succeed. Topics include getting started, recycling material from previous offerings, course syllabi, navigating disruptions and changes, reviewing assessment strategies, creating a positive learning environment and more.

Teach Online

Both online and face-to-face courses can benefit from using an online learning environment, and we can help. Using the Brightspace (D2L) learning management system, we can help you activate your course site and organize your course content so that you can better connect with and engage your students in their learning.

Need to develop a face-to-face course for online delivery? Our instructional designers can work with you to design and develop your course to complement your teaching strategy, including:

  • Choosing suitable educational tools
  • Providing support to best present course materials online
  • Supporting you in course delivery once it reaches the maintenance stage

Consultation Services

At CITL, we offer a variety of consultative services to support your teaching, including:

Instructional Design- Create dynamic online content for your face-to-face course to better connect with and engage your students in their learning.

Media Services - Develop rich educational resources to enhance the teaching and learning experience, including videos, mobile applications, interactive graphic and more. Video streaming, video conferencing and webcasting services are also available.

Teaching Consultation - Discuss questions related to your teaching practice, including challenges or issues you're experiencing, and explore strategies to address them. Consultations can be individual or in groups, and may range from a single discussion to a series of ongoing meetings.

Teaching Dossiers - Develop a teaching dossier for purposes of job application, promotion, tenure or teaching award application.


Teaching and Learning Exchange

Our Teaching and Learning Exchange (TLX) is a model classroom space for educators and instructional staff to experiment with educational technologies, discover best practices for integrating technology into courses, and enhance your teaching practice through collaboration with CITL staff and peers. The TLX is also a great space when looking for a change in scenery and a quiet place to work.

Professional Development for Educators

We offer professional development events and programs for educators at Memorial, providing you with opportunities to enhance your teaching practice. Events and programs are offered through a variety of delivery strategies, and include:

  • Professional Development Experiences
  • Teaching Skills Enhancement Program (TSEP) for Graduate Students
  • Program in Graduate Supervision

Instructional Resources

These instructional resources were created to support teaching and learning at Memorial, whether on campus or online. You can use them when planning and creating a resource, course, or program, and when teaching or assessing learners.

Teaching Awards

We provide support to faculty members and instructors, and to nominators completing applications for a variety of teaching awards.


Teaching and Learning Framework

In support of Memorial's Teaching and Learning Framework (TLF) 2023, we are here to work with instructors and academic units to help strengthen the student experience. Use our TLF Toolkit to explore strategies for accessibility, student engagement and student success, or apply for project funding through the Teaching Innovations and Learing Engagement fund.