The following forms can be used in the Peer Review of Teaching process. Each form allows space for indicating what the focus or foci of the review will be and the criteria by which each focus will be assessed. There is space for narrative feedback as well.

Included at the end of each form is a list of 23 success indicators, from which can be selected the criteria for assessment. We have also included a table of specific criteria for particular foci such as a course syllabus, multimedia use, classroom management and others.

To use these forms:

  1. Decide whether the review will be summative or formative/diagnostic. A summative review is primarily intended for when the Academic Staff Member (ASM) is using the review to inform decision making, such as a promotion and tenure application or for a teaching award, and is usually more comprehensive. It will likely include both a review of teaching materials and an observation of teaching, so both types are covered in the summative form. A formative/diagnostic review is only for the benefit of the ASM and may be done on a more limited basis.
  2. If the review is formative/diagnostic decide whether the review will be of teaching materials or an observation of teaching, or both.
  3. The ASM should download the appropriate form or forms and meet with their selected reviewer. If you have not selected a reviewer, go to the list of reviewers to select one.
  4. The ASM and reviewer should discuss the focus or foci or the review. The form should be edited by the ASM to now include a section for each focus of the review.
  5. For each focus, the ASM and reviewer should discuss the criteria for assessment. These criteria will be used by the reviewer as the basis for their Likert scale assessment and narrative feedback. The ASM should edit the form to include the criteria decided upon for the review.
  6. The ASM will send the reviewer the finalized form and the reviewer will use it to record their assessment.


Summative Review Form

Formative Diagnostic Review of Materials Form

Formative Diagnostic Observation Form