Learning supports

Goal: Provide students with a comprehensive suite of learning resources through the Academic Success Centre.

Supports Strategic Priority 2:
Understand our stakeholder needs, align core services to these needs and clearly communicate these services to inform our teaching and learning community.

Launched in 2021, the Academic Success Centre (ASC) serves students with an easy, virtual access point to navigate and connect with all Memorial’s learning services and support. Located in Memorial’s MUNUp site, the ASC has also been working to develop additional learning skills resources and workshops that help students succeed. 

In their collection of learning skills resources, the ASC currently has more than 30 web resources and 11 videos, with popular topics such as time management, remote learning, and test and exam preparation. Workshops on common academic challenges are also offered, such as developing effective study habits, planning for success and beating procrastination. 

In addition to resources the ASC recently piloted a new peer-assisted learning (PAL) initiative, an academic support program led by trained student leaders. The student leaders facilitate peer-supported learning groups in courses that are typically challenging, providing students with opportunities to meet and work with their classmates to improve their understanding of difficult course concepts. 

The PAL pilot in Spring 2022, consisted of two math courses – one offered on campus and the other online. In the Fall 2022 semester, five courses participated in the PAL program – one online and four on campus. In the Winter 2023 semester, participation in PAL increased to 7 courses, 10 course sections, all on campus.

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MUNup Web Traffic
Fall 2022
MUNup Web Traffic
Winter 2023
ASC: 79, Other: 21  ASC: 78, Other: 22 

Since the ASC website has launched, it has been the primary source of
website traffic on the MUNup website.


ASC Web Traffic as a % of MUNup traffic since launch

Winter 2022: 73, Spring 2022: 70, Fall 2022: 79, Winter 2023: 78