Peer Review of Teaching

Peer Review of Teaching (PRT) is a process designed for academic staff members to provide each other with constructive feedback on teaching practices.

PRT supports professional development by either having your teaching reviewed or performing as a reviewer. It also fosters a culture of collaboration and accountability among educators.

A peer review is an opportunity to gain valuable insights into teaching methods and technologies, and enhance instructional skills. By participating in a review, instructors can refine instructional approaches, adapt to evolving student needs and ultimately ensure an enriching and effective learning experience for students.

Feedback from a peer can be included as a source of evidence of teaching effectiveness in a teaching dossier. Peer reviewers will also be able to document their participation in this initiative in their teaching dossiers. Reviewers receive training on how to best conduct reviews and provide feedback to their peers, earning a certificate upon completion.

Becoming a reviewer

Academic staff members interested in becoming a reviewer are asked to complete a self-directed training module in Brightspace, as well as confirm completion of the Canadian Research Chairs’ Bias in Peer Review training module. Once these items are complete the reviewer will be invited to prepare their peer reviewer profile so that instructors may reach out directly for their support.

Access the Brightspace training module

Using CITL’s Client Support Centre, complete the following steps to request access to the Peer Review of Teaching Module:

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your MUN credentials (click Login and Submit)
  3. Choose Request Type: CITL – Technical Support (Brightspace/Online Rooms/etc.)
  4. Then, choose Peer Review of Teaching (Brightspace access)
  5. Complete the request form
  6. Submit the ticket by clicking the SAVE button

Please allow 24 hours for your access to be granted.  The module will automatically appear in your Brightspace course list.

The resources required to undertake a review are available on the Resources page.

Create your peer reviewer profile

Upon completing the training module, you will need to create your Peer Reviewer profile. Your profile will be added to the list of reviewers, and potential reviewees may contact you based on the information you provide. 

The following form asks you to share your name, contact information, areas of content and pedagogical expertise, and a brief bio. You will also have to upload your Certificate of Completion that you received after completing the Brightspace module.

Peer Reviewer Profile Form

Finding a peer reviewer

  1. Academic staff members select a reviewer who matches their requirements from the list of reviewers. Details on each reviewer are available such as their area of content expertise, areas of pedagogical expertise and experience, as well as a brief bio.
  2. Contact the reviewer directly, meet and arrange the review together. The process from this point is carried out between instructors and reviewers.

Note: As you consider potential reviewers, they do not necessarily need to be from your own or a related discipline, and outside perspectives often lead to informative feedback.

If you intend to use the results of a review for an official evaluation of your teaching, please be aware of the Procedure for Disclosing and Assessing Conflicts of Interest.

If you are interested in being reviewed, or for more information on Peer Review of Teaching, contact