Program Description and Completion Requirements

Program Description and Completion Requirements | Eligibility Requirements and Application Procedure | Responsibilities of Teaching Mentors

The Teaching Skills Enhancement Program (TSEP) for Graduate Students is an introduction to teaching at the undergraduate level. The program is offered over two semesters:

  1. Fall semester (remote)—a blended learning format with online content and weekly synchronous 1½-hour seminars
  2. Winter semester—a teaching apprenticeship and completion of a learning portfolio, with four synchronous seminars scheduled throughout the semester.

The TSEP for Graduate Students is an official, non-credit certificate program of Memorial University offered free of charge to eligible graduate students. Participants who successfully complete the TSEP for Graduate Students will receive the following:

  1. An official transcript notation indicating successful completion of the Teaching Skills Enhancement Program (TSEP) for Graduate Students,
  2. A certificate of completion, and
  3. A letter of commentary on their teaching practice from their teaching mentor.

The Teaching Skills Enhancement Program consists of four elements:

1. Online Content (Fall Semester)

During the fall, participants work independently through modules and topics contained in the Brightspace program site. Modules include topics such as: effective teaching; equity, diversity and accessibility; indigenizing your course; the teaching dossier; course design and the syllabus; student-centred learning and student motivation; active learning strategies; collaborative learning strategies; learning technologies; copyright and the library; teaching and self-care.

Modules and topics are coordinated with weekly, synchronous meetings (described below) to address questions, apply and reflect on material, and discuss topics in a group setting.


2. Weekly Seminars (Fall Semester)

A total of 12 synchronous seminars are held weekly throughout the fall semester. The first seminar is an orientation session and it is strongly recommended that all participants attend. Subsequent meetings focus on the specific teaching and learning topics from the online content and require active participation in a variety of practical and reflective activities.

Note: Absence from more than three weekly seminars (or total absent time greater than 4.5 hours) will result in an incomplete program.

3. Teaching Apprenticeship (Winter or Spring/Summer Semester)

Note: Graduate student participants are responsible for securing their own teaching apprenticeship positions. A teaching mentor and undergraduate course must be identified and a TSEP Apprenticeship Application form completed.

During the winter, participants will complete a teaching apprenticeship and will participate in four synchronous meetings spaced throughout the semester. The teaching apprenticeship requires participants to regularly participate in classes in an undergraduate course taught by a teaching mentor of their choice. Participants must teach a minimum of three hours in their mentor's course.

It is recommended that participants collaborate with a teaching mentor in their subject area or a closely related one. Throughout the semester, teaching mentors may involve participants in class planning, designing and grading of some tests or assignments, and conducting teaching and learning activities within the class. Every effort should be made for the participant to teach at least two hours by the end of the second month of the semester, and one hour in the third month. The teaching mentor is expected to provide support for and feedback on the student's teaching experience throughout the semester, complete the Apprenticeship Conclusion Form, and write a letter of commentary on the student's teaching practice and development.


4. Discussion Forum

Throughout the program participants will be asked to submit regular online postings to the Brightspace site that are their reflections on various topics discussed in the seminars and readings. These postings will provide evidence of each participant's critical thinking and reflections on a variety of issues related to teaching and learning. Completion of these postings is a mandatory component of the program.


5. Teaching Dossier

The submission of a teaching dossier is the fifth and final element of TSEP completion. Your teaching dossier should include a 1-2 page teaching philosophy, and can also include elements such as a sample syllabus, sample lesson plan, any teaching certifications or awards, a letter of support from your teaching mentor and results from course evaluation questionnaires.