Chemistry 3110


Dr. Christina Bottaro  Office:  C4010  Phone:  864-8088

Lab Instructor:
Yvette Favaro-Park  Office: C-4001  Phone:  864-8743

Information for this course is now on D2L.

Laboratory Experiments

In this course you will be introduced to a wide range of modern instrumental methods of analysis. Since, with a large number of students and a limited amount of equipment, it is impossible to correlate the lecture material with the order in which each of you will perform the experiments, you must be well prepared when you arrive in the lab. You will be assigned to each experiment on particular lab days only and the lab schedule will be strictly adhered to. If you must be absent for some reason, the departmental policy is that the missed lab should be made up if at all possible. In many experiments, you will be handling delicate and expensive instrumentation. If an instrument does not operate according to the instructions, get help from the demonstrator.