Academic Integrity


Online Course on Academic Integrity

Integrity (INTG) 1000 is an online course designed to help you learn more about academic integrity and the important role it plays at Memorial University and beyond. It will include topics related to: understanding the meaning of academic integrity and its associated university regulations; how to complete university work with academic integrity; and how to avail of supports to ensure academic integrity. Integrity 1000 is a required non-credit course, which must be completed in your first term of studies at Memorial. As a first-year student, you will automatically be registered for Integrity 1000 when you register for your first-semester courses. The course will be available in your list of courses in Brightspace which you can access using your login.

Academic Misconduct

Cheating is not permitted. The act of cheating includes, but is not limited to, the copying of lab materials and assignments from previous or current years, or using unreferenced information in a lab write up, paper, or presentation. University regulations pertaining to cheating are found in the university calendar in section 6.12 (