Minoring in Chemistry

Why Minor in Chemistry?

Completing a minor in chemistry while you complete another degree is a popular option for students from across the university. Many students are required to take some of the required courses as part of their degrees, so they can complete a minor if they take a handful of extra chemistry courses. The benefits of earning a chemistry minor include:

  • Stand out to employers and admissions committees after graduation.
  • Improve your knowledge of chemistry in preparation for GRE and MCAT exams.
  • Gain the qualifications to teach chemistry at the high school level.
  • Students of law or policy gain a deeper understanding of issues relating to the health, the environment, and energy.

University Regulations for a Completing a Chemistry Minor

The following information about programs of study in Chemistry has been taken from the University Calendar. While every attempt has been made to ensure that it is accurate, you should refer to the current edition of the University Calendar for the most reliable and complete information about program requirements and course list.

A Minor in Chemistry requires the following courses:

  • Chemistry 1050 and 1051 (or 1010, 1011 and the former 1031) (or 1200 and 1001), Chemistry 2100, 2210, 2301 or 2302, and 2400, and 6 credit hours in other chemistry courses at the 2000 level or above.

  • Physics 1051 (or 1021) are prerequisites for Chem 2301 and Chem 2302 and would be required to complete a Minor. These Physics courses would ordinarily require that Physics 1050 (or 1020) be taken as well.

  • Math 1000 is a prerequisite for Chem 2210 and Math 1001 is a prerequisite for Chem 2301 and 2302. Both these Math courses (or equivalent credit) would be required to complete a Minor.

  • Math 2000 is a recommended course for Chem 2301 and 2302.

Course Restrictions

Students should be aware of a number of credit restrictions. For further information see the Chemistry course descriptions section found at the end of the Faculty of Science section in the Calendar under Course Descriptions, Chemistry.