Our department takes an active interest in the professional development of our students and provides extensive support for a variety of career paths. Some of our students continue in careers in academia after graduating, pursuing careers as professors or researchers at universities. Other students pursue careers in industry, government, law, or medicine. Graduate students in our program benefit from special career-preparedness workshops offered by the EDGE program through the School of Graduate Studies.

Career Paths of Chemistry Graduates

  • Medicine. Many students complete a graduate degree in chemistry and then go on to a career in medicine. An M.Sc. or Ph.D. in chemistry is a great way to set yourself apart from other medical school applicants. Memorial has an excellent medical school, with a majority of seats allocated to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Pharmacy. Chemistry is integral to pharmacy and pharmaceutical science. Graduate studies in chemistry provide excellent preparation for a degree in pharmacy. The School of Pharmacy at Memorial has a large and robust program. 75% of seats in the program are reserved for residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. Tuition at the school of pharmacy is much lower than in comparable programs in Canada.

Careers of Former Graduate Students

Memorial chemistry graduate David James

David James

Ph.D. Memorial

Perennia Food
and Agriculture Inc

Dr. David James is a Laboratory and Analytical Services Coordinator at Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc., a provincial development agency in Nova Scotia with the mission to help farmers, fishermen and food processors be more prosperous and profitable. His focus is on analytical method development and quality assurance. He set-up and leads a quality assurance cannabis lab, where he has both science (method development role) and the business roles.

Negar Rajabi

Negar Rajabi

Ph.D. Memorial

Application Scientist at SCIEX in Toronto, Canada

Negar Rajabi As Travis Fridgen’s first PhD student at MUN, we shared a number of first-time experiences, such as an international collaboration in Paris. I received confidence to achieve excellence in research and invaluable advice that has led me to a career path that I absolutely love. Warm and friendly Newfoundlanders, colleagues, and peers at MUN combined with its diverse culture kept me from experiencing cultural shock. By presenting my research and networking at national and international conferences, I landed my next job as a postdoc at UBC with Don Douglas in Vancouver. Currently, I am an Application Scientist at SCIEX in Toronto. Doing a PhD at MUN was definitely one of the best choices I have made in my life, putting me on a very exciting life path.

Ameneh Gholami

Ameneh Gholami


Software Verification Specialist

Ph.D. Memorial

"It was a distinctly unique chance of mine to have done my PhD in the chemistry department at Memorial, and in Dr. Travis Fridgen’s lab. There with a knowledgeable and caring supervisor I gained the experience of working with world-class mass spectrometry instruments. I believe my graduate studies at MUN paved my way through the PDF positions and prestigious Mitacs Elevate fellowship that I received, which finally landed me on a fantastic R&D appointment at SCIEX. The SCIEX is a leading company that produces mass spectrometry hardware and software."

Brad Easton

E. Bradley Easton

Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Ph.D. Memorial

B.Sc. (Hons) Memorial


“As a graduate student in chemistry at Memorial I was able to learn from outstanding faculty on work on research problems of both fundamental and applied interest. This experience has been extremely valuable in my current role as a professor who collaborates with industrial partners”

Raie Lene Kirby

Raie Lene Kirby

Medical Doctor

M.Sc. Memorial 

B.Sc. (Hons) Acadia 

"Completing my M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry at Memorial University was a great experience and something I am proud to have accomplished! The time I spent working with Dr. Sunil Pansare and team was challenging yet exciting and helped me learn many skills that have proven essential throughout medical school and into my first year of residency!"

 Professor Bradley L. Merner

Bradley L. Merner

Assistant Professor, Auburn University

Ph.D. Memorial 

B.Sc. (Hons) Memorial  



"My experience at Memorial has armed me with the tools necessary to publish high-impact scientific articles, become a co-inventor of two U.S. patent applications, to co-author an advanced level textbook on organic synthesis, and to pursue a career as an independent principle investigator. I am proud to be an alumnus of Memorial University and to contribute to a rich legacy of well-trained Ph.D. graduates from the Department of Chemistry who have gone on to push the frontiers of chemical science."

Professor Louise Dawe

Louise Dawe

Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University

Ph.D. Memorial

B.Ed. (Int./Sec.), Memorial 

M.Sc., University of Utah

B.Sc. (Hons.), Memorial University


"There are three highlights that stand out about of my time as a graduate student at Memorial University. First, the calibre of faculty, graduate supervision, and mentoring was phenomenal, and allowed me to develop as an independent researcher. Next, the instrument facilities and expert research staff greatly enabled the progress of my work. Finally, I had excellent opportunities to attend national and international conferences where I met collaborators that I continue to work with today."

Professor Josh Hollett

Josh Hollett

Associate Professor, University of Winnipeg

Ph.D. Memorial 

B. Sc. (Hons) Memorial 

NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow (Australian National University, 2009-2012)


Murray Park

Murray Park

Science Department Head / Chemistry Teacher

O’Donel High School, Mount Pearl, NL

B.Ed., Mount Allison, M.Sc., Memorial 

B.Sc. (Hons.), Memorial 

"I had an excellent start to my honours chemistry degree at Grenfell campus, and completed it at MUN. Faculty and staff in Chemistry played a major role in my success. As an MSc student, I demonstrated first year labs and realized that as much as I enjoyed research, teaching was even more fulfilling for myself. After almost 20 years teaching high school, I have enjoyed seeing my students become find successes - getting that perfect titration endpoint, passing the Public Exam and having their self-confidence grow, or continuing on to earn degree(s). MUN Chemistry paved the way to an extremely rewarding career."

Huanyu Mao

Ph.D. Memorial

Chairman and CEO Suzhou Youlion Battery

Dr. Huanyu Mao earned his Ph.D. in Electrochemistry from Chemistry Department of Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. He joined Moli Energy in Vancouver in 1991 as a Research Scientist working in developing lithium-ion batteries. His patents of electrolyte additives in 1993 created Functional Electrolyte technology, that is widely used in today’s Li-ion battery industry. As a co-founder, Dr. Mao formed Tianjin Lishen Batteries in China in 1997. He jointed Shenzhen BAK battery (NSDQ: CBAK) in 2004 as CTO and COO. He founded Suzhou Youlion Battery in 2014 and is currently Chairman and CEO. He is a highly respected Li -Ion battery scientist and engineer worldwide with over 100 patents and publications on Li-ion batteries.

Careers of Former Honours Students

Marcus Drover, Professor of Chemistry at University of Windsor

Marcus Drover

Ph.D. British Columbia, B.Sc. (Hons) Memorial 

Assistant Professor, University of Windsor


"I am very grateful to Memorial University for providing me with a first-class science education in my beautiful hometown of St. John’s. It stems from the unwavering support and encouragement provided to me by past instructors and advisors at MUN that I ultimately decided to pursue a career in academia. While there, I travelled to numerous conferences (provincial and national), gave oral/poster presentations, and published peer-reviewed papers, enabling me establish important connections within the scientific community. I also remember the chemistry society and several of our beverage outings with fondness. It’s truly an outstanding department in an outstanding part of Canada.”
Professor Tim Kelly, Memorial Graduate

Tim Kelly

Ph.D. British Columbia, B.Sc. (Hons) Memorial 

Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair Photovoltaics, University of Saskatchewan


"As an undergraduate student at Memorial, I had the opportunity to truly become part of the research process; the level of faculty-student mentorship was outstanding, and I was able to not just carry out experiments, but also attend conferences and contribute to papers. It was an excellent foundation for a career in academic research."
Dr. Angela Crane

Angela Crane

Ph.D. British Columbia,
B.Sc. (Hons) Memorial 

Instructor, First Year Program Coordinator, Dalhousie University


"Being an undergraduate chemist at Memorial opened so many doors for me. Iwas able to have hands on laboratory training and research experiences thatI don't believe I would have gotten at any other school. It was theseexperiences that led me into graduate school and ultimately a career that I love. Also, the student body at Memorial was so collaborative and tight knitthat I always found support and encouragement through my peers. The peoplemake the Department, and Memorials staff, faculty and students are topnotch!"
Professor of Chemistry Dennis Gillingham

Dennis Gillingham

Ph.D. Boston College, B. Sc. (Hons) Memorial 

Prof. Dr., Department of Chemistry, University of Basel


"If you had asked me about Memorial's program while I was there I would have complained that it was too intense, requiring too many late nights...forcing my classmates and I into regular nights of commiseration at the Breezeway. On reflection I can say the effort was all worth it. The solid education in the fundamentals of chemistry I gained at MUN has put me in a privileged position wherever I've gone. Although not a small school, it had that feeling because the professors were fully engaged in the education of the students. This engagement was one of the program's great strengths and I hope that spirit still lives on."
 Photo of Professor Dale Keefe

Dale Keefe

Ph.D. Alberta, B.Sc. Memorial 

Provost and Vice-president (academics), Acadia University

"After conducting research in computational chemistry as an undergraduate student, I knew that I wanted to be a professor. The research and academic foundation I received as an undergraduate at Memorial was second to none and prepared me extremely well for graduate studies and my career."
Photo of Cory Pye

Cory Pye

Ph.D. Memorial, B.Sc. Memorial 

Associate Professor, St. Mary's University


"A collaboration between Raymond Poirier and Jean Burnell led to me being hired in my summer after two years at Grenfell where I carried out both organic synthesis and computational chemistry of Diels-Alder reactions."
Lisa Rosenberg, Associate Professor, University of Victoria

Lisa Rosenberg

Ph.D. British Columbia, B.Sc. (Hons) Memorial

Professor, University of Victoria


"I have always felt very fortunate to have done my undergrad in chemistry at MUN - solid education, wonderful research opportunities, great classmates and instructors and friends. And we always had the best bxxr bashes. Seriously, even students from the English Students' Society would come to our parties."
Professor Elliott Burnell

Elliott Burnell

Ph.D. Bristol, M.Sc. Memorial

B.Sc. (Hons) Memorial 

Professor, University of British Columbia


"My first year at MUN was at the Parade Street campus, with evening chem labs which we always finished in time to make the second show at the Paramount Movie Theatre. The next year we moved to the new campus. The ambiance in the Chemistry Department was phenomenal -morning and afternoon coffee/tea was a gathering of all: full Professors, staff and any students (third year and above) who were majoring in Chemistry. The fantastic interactions of those times emphasized that chemistry is fun, exciting and collaborative. I was inspired by Eric Bullock (supervisor of my Honours and M.Sc. theses), and thank him for getting me excited about NMR."
Amy Reckling, Memorial chemistry graduate

Amy Reckling

M.Sc. Ottawa, B.Sc. (Hons) Memorial

NSERC Program Officer


"The fantastic and supportive faculty at MUN made sure that I graduated with the skills necessary to pursue any career in science. As an undergrad, I was encouraged to get involved with research, help run MUNCS events, mentor students, write papers, attend regional and national conferences, present in front of crowds and get involved with science outreach programs - all while juggling a challenging course load. These skills have proven invaluable in every job, both in and out of the lab, that I’ve held since graduating."