Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Our department benefits from the diversity of perspectives of students, faculty, and staff who have a wide range of life experiences and backgrounds.

Cultural Diversity

Our students and faculty originate from more than more than a dozen different countries. Graduate from Canada, Iran, China, and India work together in our laboratories.


Memorial University has a vibrant LGBTQ community, which is part of a larger LGBTQ community in St. John's. There are extensive resources available to support LGBTQ students as well as trans and gender diverse students.

Indigenous Students

Resources to support our aboriginal students are available through the Aboriginal Resource Office.

Anti-harassment and Discrimination Policies

Memorial has comprehensive policies in place to protect students from harassment. A workplace accommodation policy is in place for students with medical issues and disabilities.

Student Parents

Students who are the parents to children have access to a range of supports from the university and government. These resources are described on this page.