Course Information Winter 2023

The course links below contain essential course information including course outlines and specific materials developed by the instructors. Contact information is provided for the course coordinator; follow the course link for contact information for other instructors including laboratory assistants. If there is no contact information, the course is not offered in the active Semester.

Lab Waiver Deadline for Winter 2023

The Chemistry Department will not be offering a lab waiver in cases where students have completed the virtual labs in a course but have not completed the labs on campus.

For students who have completed the labs on campus, lab waivers will be granted to those who have already completed the course within the most recent six semesters (the past two years) and have a laboratory grade of 65% or better with NO unexcused absences on the lab component of the course.

Applications will not be accepted after 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 13, 2023.

Students granted a lab waiver must still complete any course tutorials if there are any.  For information on lab waivers, click here.

Chemistry Course Links - Winter 2023
Chem 1010 Lindsay Cahill CSF 3336 864-7911
Chem 1050

Karen Hattenhauer

Erika Merschrod

CSF 2244

CSF 3334



Chem 1051

Travis Fridgen

Barry Power

CSF 3224

CSF 2242



Chem 2100 Ghadeer Alsoud    
Chem 2302 Jane Stockmann CSF 3330 864-8768
Chem 2400

Huck Grover

Sunil Pansare

CSF 3329

CSF 3327



Chem 2401 Yuming Zhao CSF 3325 864-8747
Chem 3211 Mike Katz CSF 3338 864-8745
Chem 3303 Barry Power CSF 2242 864-8083
Chem 3411 Graham Bodwell CSF 3326 864-8406 
Chem 4152  Jane Stockmann CSF 3330  864-8768 
Chem 4156  Karl Jobst  CSF 3337  864-8744 
Chem 4203  Chris Kozak  CSF 3341 864-8082 
Chem 4206 Fran Kerton  CSF 3342  864-8089 
Chem 4431 Huck Grover CSF 3329 864-3037
Chem 4701 Laleh Alisaraie HH 3423 864-2734
Chem 490B Lindsay Cahill CSF 3336 864-7911