Anderson Scholarships

Professor Hugh Anderson donated his estate to establish undergraduate scholarships in chemistry

Hugh Anderson was a professor in the Department of Chemistry beginning in 1953. He was instrumental in building a nationally-recognized chemistry program at Memorial. He took great pride in having taught thousands of students in 2nd year chemistry over the course of his career.

Professor Anderson passed away in 2012. As part of his life-long commitment to his department, he left a substantial bequest to Memorial to provide scholarships to chemistry students. Each year, 12–13 chemistry major and Honours students are awarded $1,000 scholarships using these funds.

 To be eligible for one of these scholarships, you must be declared in a chemistry (or computational chemistry) Honours or major program. Students registered in these programs will automatically be considered. You must also eligible to receive a scholarship, as defined in the undergraduate calendar. 

More information about Professor Anderson’s life and career can be found in his obituary. An article describing the establishment of these scholarships is available through the Faculty of Science website.



Holly V. Barrett
Sarah M. Clarke
Laurie J. Donnelly
Shae-Lynn J. Lahey
Fiona Landells
Kirklind J. Lockyer
Kelsey J. Menard
Colby T. Morgan
Nicole L. Newhook
Christopher S. Qui
Victoria E. Rose
Pauline D. Seviour
Evan T. Walters
Joshua J. Winter
Emily V. Young
Qingxin Zhang
Andrey Zelenskiy

Past Recipients