Seminars (Fall 2022) are at 1:00 - 1:50 p.m. (NL) on Tues. or Thurs. (Room CSF-1302, Core Science Facility) unless otherwise indicated.

Please contact Debbie Hickey, (CSF-2211, 864-8773) for a seminar date. Dates late in the semester have a habit of filling early. It is compulsory for Graduate Students to attend seminars.

Seminar Listing Fall 2022

Date Room  Name 
Sept. 29, 2022  CSF-1302 

Dr. Yang Qu
Associate Prfoessor, Cannabis Health Research Chair
Dept. of Chemistry, University of New Brunswick 

Oct. 25, 2022 CSF-1302 Dr. Pedro Segura
Department of Chemistry, University of Sherbrooke
Oct. 27, 2022  CSF-1302  Maryam Faghih Abdollahi (Chem 6003) 
Nov. 15, 2022  CSF-1302  Mason Lawrence (Chem 6003) 
Nov. 17, 2022 CSF-1302 Craig Weir (Chem 6001)
Nov. 29, 2022 CSF-1302  Roshanak Amiri (Chem 6001) 
Dec. 1, 2022 CSF-1302 Jasmeen Akther (Chem 6003)