Anderson Award Lecture

A bequest from Professor Hugh Anderson has allowed the Department of Chemistry to establish a lecture series celebrating excellence in chemical research and education. The Anderson Lecturer is selected from candidates nominated by Memorial graduate students.


Jennifer Wong, Mount Allison University, NB

"Aerosol Toxicity via Oxidative Stress: From Cookstove Aerosols to Brake Pad Dust" 


Rob Singer, St. Mary's University
"Catalysis and More Using Ionic Liquids"

Professor Rob Singer, St. Mary's University


Nelaine Mora-DiezThompson Rivers University

"Computational Study of Primary and Secondary Antioxidant Activity"

Professor Nelaine Mora-Diez of Thompson Rivers University was the 2019 Anderson Lecturer


Christa Brosseau, St. Mary's University 

"Adventures in Plasmonics: From Sensing to Sustainability"

Professor Christa Brosseau of St. Mary's University gave the 2018 Anderson Lecture


Khashayar Ghandi, University of Guelph
"Towards sustainable chemistry and energy with paramagnetic species in mind"

Khashayar Ghandi, Guelph University, gave the 2017 Anderson Award Lecture


Steven Westcott, Mount Allison University 
"To B-E or not to B-E? Developing the Phosphinoboration Reaction"

Professor Steven Westcott, Mount Allison University, gave the 2016 Anderson Award Lecture


Glen Briand, Mount Allison University
"Exploring the Use of Indium(III) Dithiolates as Green Lewis Acid Catalysts"