Everything you wanted to know about the Chemistry Department but were afraid to ask!

General Inquiries?

Check with the general office, room CSF-2211 in the Core Sciences Facility.

Academic Advisors for Chem Majors and Honours Students
If you plan to major in chemistry, consult the Chemistry Academic Program Officer on all academic matters. Individual programs can be drawn up in consultation with the advisor (

Having course registration problems?
Contact the Chemistry Academic Program Officer (

NEVER register for courses that have a timetable clash. You cannot be in two places at the same time! If you get into this situation, it may not be easily remedied.

Laboratory Classes


NOTE: Processing your lab waiver will depend on the number of first time students and the classroom capacity. Students granted a lab waiver must register for the lecture only section of the course. Directions for how to register for the lab waiver section will be sent by email to each student granted a lab waiver. If you are currently registered in a lab section, failure to drop the lab section will mean that you are expected to complete the labs.

Limited Enrolment Courses
Some high demand courses are designated as Limited Enrolment Courses. Students who fail to attend lectures/lab in the first week of term may be deregistered from the course. Such courses are indicated in the Timetable Slot Book.

Completed Advanced Placement Chemistry or the International Baccalaureate in High School?
You may be entitled to credit for one or more first year courses. Follow the appropriate link to see the transfer information from the advising centre:
Advanced Placement
International Baccalaureate

You should consult the Registrar's Office (Ms. Rhonda Nash, Evaluations Officer,(, Telephone: 709-864-4424, Room A2000) to ensure that proper credit for AP Chemistry has been awarded. Contact the Chemistry Department if you have these credits and wish to register for further chemistry courses.

Having trouble with lecture material or labs? Don't wait until it's too late!
The Chemistry Help Center (CSF-2346) is on the second level of the Core Science Facility. The staff provide one-on-one assistance with labs as well as theory and problems related to your chemistry course. Study desks are provided; however, due to space limitations, we must restrict their use to the study of Chemistry. Drop by and look around!

Make an appointment with your professor or lab instructor to discuss your problem.

Study and practice problems every day.

ATTENDANCE: Policy on missed tests/assignments/quizzes/and other methods of evaluation.
Students who miss a term test, a lab, a quiz or the deadline for an assignment must notify their course/lab/tutorial instructor via email (using the MUN email system (not Brightspace)) that they were ill or give another acceptable reason within one week of the original date of the term test, lab, quiz or assignment deadline date.

For a student who is prevented from writing a final examination by illness, bereavement or other acceptable cause, duly authenticated in writing, the application to defer this examination should be made via telephone or in writing through the student’s University approved e-mail account to the head of the academic unity (or delegate) and the course instructor. This application should be made in advance of the examination wherever possible, but no later than 48 hours after the original date of the examination.  If application is made by telephone, written confirmation must then be received by the head of the academic unit (or delegate) within seven calendar days of the original date of the examination. The following supporting documentation is required:

For illness or medical conditions, medical documentation from a health professional is required. Students should provide the health professional with a copy of the Student Health Certificate.

For bereavement or other acceptable cause, official documents or letters that support the reason for the request (e.g. death certificate, letter from employer, etc.) are required.

A student who is scheduled to write three final examinations which BEGIN and END  within a twenty-four-hour period may request to write a deferred examination. Normally, only the SECOND examination in the twenty-four-hour period may be deferred. The application to defer this examination should be made in writing to the Deputy Head, Undergraduate Studies. It should be submitted as soon as possible after the release of the final examination schedule, and in any case no later than two weeks before the end of the semester.

Laboratory Attendance - Compulsory means compulsory! REALLY!
Chemistry 1050 and 1051 - Missing more than TWO laboratory sessions will result in an automatic failing grade (maximum of 49%) in the course, regardless of the marks achieved in non−laboratory components of the course.
Chemistry 1010 Missing more than ONE laboratory sessions will result in an automatic failing grade (maximum of 49%) in the course, regardless of the marks achieved in non−laboratory components of the course.

*Students who play varsity sports MUST get a signed letter from their coach at least a week in advance of any sports-related absences. This allows the possibility of making up a missed lab with another lab session providing space is available in the lab.

Students with a documented reason for missing a lab may have the opportunity of making up the missed lab with another lab session providing space is available in the lab.

Supplementary Final Exams
The Chemistry Department DOES NOT offer supplementary final exams for any of its courses.

Planning to ask for a re-read of an examination paper?
Re-read requests must be submitted to the Registrar's Office within four weeks of the final release of grades for the course. The fee is not returned unless the grade is raised....and yes, grades are sometimes lowered! Students are therefore urged to see their paper with their instructor before applying for a re-read of their paper.