Applying to Undergraduate Chemistry from Outside Canada


Information relating to becoming an undergraduate student in chemistry at Memorial University is given below. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, or have any other questions please contact an academic advisor.

High School Chemistry, Math and Physics

Students from outside Canada who are interested in exploring a chemistry degree option at Memorial University can prepare themselves by ensuring that they take the highest level chemistry, physics and math courses that are available to them.

Student Visas

International students normally enter Canada on a study permit after they have been admitted to Memorial University. Details and procedures are available from the nearest Canadian High Commission or Consulate. Application and interpretation of the immigration regulations are the responsibility of the individual immigration office. It is particularly important to contact the nearest office as soon as possible after formal admission to expedite receiving your student visa.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

English is the primary language of instruction at Memorial University. All applicants will be required to provide proof of English language proficiency as a condition of admission. For those students who have completed three years of secondary education (high school) at an English-language based institution recognized by Memorial University and have completed the Grade 12 or equivalent English course at that institution, this proficiency requirement is met. This will also be true of any student transferring from another English language post-secondary institution who has completed the equivalent of 30 credit hours (one year of a full course load) or more of instruction, including 6 transferrable credit hours in English courses.

For all other students, there are many means available to show that English proficiency has been met. These students are encouraged to consult the University Calendar page on English Language Proficiency Requirements.

Other Requirements and First Year Guides

Other requirements of international students that must be completed for admission can be found at the International undergraduate webpage.

There are also specific lists of required credentials for admission (or possible transfer credits) of international students from the U.K., U.S., Norway, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Malaysia, West Indies, and West Africa. If you are from one of these countries/regions, please check the Registrar's Office page for international high school requirements for admission.

The Advising Centre page also has a useful Guide to First Year. Another guide to first year with information catered towards Science students is also available through the Faculty of Science webpage.

Undergraduate Handbook

We have created an Undergraduate Handbook that provides more specific details on undergraduate studies in Chemistry at Memorial University.