Chemistry 4205

Chem. 4205/6205. Photochemistry of Transition Metal Complexes.

An introduction to electronic excited states in transition metal complexes. Emphasis will be placed on the long-lived excited states of d6 polypyridyl complexes. Radiative and non-radiative decay theory will be introduced. Excited state chemical reactions such as Energy and Electron-Transfer processes, photodissociation, and photoionization will be surveyed. Applications of excited state chemistry of transition metal complexes to problems in artificial photosynthesis, C-H activation, photodynamic therapy, molecular photovoltaics and molecular electronics will be developed.

Prerequites: Chem. 3211, Chem. 2302 (or taken as a co-requisite)

Instructor: Dr. David W. Thompson, C-5004

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