Bachelor of Physical Education

The physical education degree approaches health and wellness from a holistic perspective. As a student, you will learn how to build positive relationships, be inclusive of all participants, and be socially and culturally responsible while learning to be effective agents of change.

You will learn by doing. Physical education provides the opportunity to learn about being active while being active. You will learn how to teach movement and encourage participation in physical activity.

You will take courses about active living, health, and well-being; physical education curriculum; adapted physical activity; coaching; cultural and managerial studies of sport and leisure; physical activity and sport; and performance.

Teaching option

The teaching option has courses in the fundamentals of physical education as well as courses in curriculum planning, teaching methods and pedagogy relevant to physical education curricula for various grade levels. You will study the benefits of active living, including the basics of movement, the importance of physical literacy, sports, the human body, and individual and group activities. This program route is designed for students continuing post-secondary studies in education.

After completing a physical education degree - teaching option, a student wishing to teach in a school setting normally completes an intermediate/secondary degree program offered by the Faculty of Education.

Sample courses

HKR 2004 - Enhancing Performance in Physical Activity
HKR 3320 - Introduction to Biomechanics
HKR 4220 - Physical Activities Course: Territorial Games