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We are so happy you have chosen to study at Memorial University of Newfoundland (St. John's campus). Our team of advisors and student staff are here to help whether you need arrival information, or just a friendly chat. We can talk to you about health insurance, career options, immigration procedures and settling in to your campus life.

International students are an integral part of Memorial University. The Internationalization Office of Memorial University is here to welcome you and provide support you throughout your student journey at Memorial. Whether you have questions or just want to say hello, our advisers are happy to chat with you. The International Student Advisors are available 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday (closed 1 - 2 p.m.). You can also email your questions to the advisors at international@mun.ca


Info Sessions


 Arrivals and Welcome Information Session









Immigration Advising and Health Insurance Session, Spring 2022










If you are a new international student, you have to attend one of the info sessions below for Spring/Summer 2022 semester.  

At these info sessions, you will hear the IO advisors talk about immigration, arriving in Canada, finding off-campus housing, finding a job on or off campus and other important topics. Come with your questions because at the end of each session, you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered by one of our advisors.

If you have any questions about the info sessions, please send an email to international@mun.ca







 Event Description


August 29th

10:00 am 

11:00 am 


We know it’s challenging for students to adjust to a new living and cultural environment; we’re here to help you transition to life on our campus and in Newfoundland. The Arrivals program provides you with information on preparing for your arrival.

Health Insurance

August 30th

10:00 am 

11:00 am


Our office administers the mandatory Foreign Health Insurance plan for international students. We will discuss international student health insurance in this session. 

Outreach for International Students and Families

August 31st

10:00 am 

11:00 am


Join our session for tips on completing common settlement tasks. Learn about ways to get involved and make new friends. If you are arriving with your partner and/or children we can share information on child-care, schooling, community resources and ways to ease the transition for the entire family.

Off-Campus Housing

September 1st 

10:00 am




We offer information and assistance for finding housing off-campus. We also provide information and support to students facing issues such as landlord or renting problems, rental agreement questions, roommate disagreements and any other issues that may arise when students are living off-campus. 

Immigration Advising  

September 2nd

10:00 am

11:30 am


Registration link: https://www.mun.ca/international/arrivals-20-21/

As a Temporary Resident, you must maintain your status to remain in Canada. We’ll advise you on immigration-related issues and put you on the right path towards complying with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations.



If arriving between August 22nd and September 13th, 2022, you have the option to sign up for an airport greeter by completing the Arrivals form.https://www.mun.ca/international/arrivals-2022/

Please note that airport taxis for new international students are no longer complementary. Students should expect to pay $30-$50 CAN for an airport taxi. Public transportation (Metrobus Route 14) is also available for daytime arrivals. We recommend carrying Canadian cash for your taxi or bus fare (note the bus does not take credit/debit cards).



 Memorial University has created a COVID 19 resource page , we continue to work closely with our Provincial Government with regards to COVID-19 protocols, and are guided by the Canadian Government's plans for welcoming students back to Canada


Physically Returning to Canada and Newfoundland & Labrador

If you are planning to come to Canada and have received final approval from the Federal Government, do not book your travel without the authorization from Memorial University. Please visit our Arrivals Page for more information about the process of coming to or returning to Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Authorization to enter and study in Canada is the responsibility of the Government of Canada through the department of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Canadian Border Service Authority (CBSA)

It is important that you seek the necessary authorization to enter Canada and keep abreast of changes related to travel authorization and restrictions


The internationalization Office sends out a weekly listserv to all international students. The Listserv is an email which contains a list of important university information, upcoming events happening on campus and in the city and  job opportunities. To receive the listserv, please send an email to international@mun.ca

Stay Connected

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All the best to you & stay safe,

Dr. Sonja Knutson
Internationalization Office
Memorial University of Newfoundland