Housing Options for International Students


Below, we have a list of common places where students search for and find rental accommodations.

Disclaimer: The Internationalization Office (IO) does not review individual listings for authenticity or legitimacy. We do not offer communications between landlords and students. Our resources are compiled for information purposes only. Should you have any questions or concerns with a potential landlord, please address these concerns directly with them and not the IO. Feel free to consult the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador's resources for Landlords and Tenants. Please accept the listings below to help guide you in your search but not as a recommendation of any one service, group, or resource.  

 For appropriate search terms, we might suggest:

  • "Apartments for Rent"
  • "Room for Rent"
  • "St. John's Apartments",
  • "Rentals in St. John's Area"

Best Practices

  • Tenant Insurance:  Seriously consider getting tenant insurance. Tenant insurance can protect your personal property in the case of theft, fire and other such losses. Memorial University Alumni receive exclusive rates from Johnson Insurance.

  • Cost Expectations: When you arrive, we will provide resources to help you find a place to live off-campus. These resources include but are not limited to a list of landlords who are interested in renting to international students and websites, which are listing advertisements of rooms and apartments for rent. You can expect to pay approximately $500 to $700 per person per month for shared accommodations, plus approximately $50 per person per month for utilities and $150 to $200 per month for food. Bus transportation will cost $70 per month for students.

  • Rental Payment: Bank to bank wire transfer is considered the safest international payment method if you are sure that you have found a comfortable and affordable place to live. It is best however, to stay in temporary accommodations for 3 - 5 days, view apartments and then make the payment(s) on the apartment or room which you choose to rent

  • Beware of scams. When renting or leasing online through the internet, beware if the landlord is out of town and tells you they will mail you the keys once they receive a deposit. Make sure they have a representative present whom you could meet and view the place with before you pay anything. If you can not view the place yourself, ask a friend. Otherwise, you should avoid such offers as they could be scams.

  • Make sure you have a signed lease or rental agreement before you pay for fees such as a security deposit and rent. Also keep in mind that if you sign a lease/contract for a duration of 12 months you are locked into that contract for that period of time despite your contract stating that you can give a 'two month notice' to vacate if you wish to move to another place. Please check the Residential Tenancies Act for your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.


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