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Russian is one of the five official languages of the United Nations and is the native language of 142 million citizens of the Russian Federation.

Russian at Memorial

The Russian major combines learning the Russian language and developing a specialization in various aspects of Russian culture, literature and contemporary issues, relevant to the importance of Russia as a world power in the 21st century. Students can avail of study abroad and internship opportunities in Russia.

Sample courses and degree map

RUSS 2900 - Russian Culture I
RUSS 3023 - Post-Stalin Russia: Media and Film
RUSS 3910 - Post Perestroika Russia

Russian degree map

Degree maps are navigational tools, designed to help you make the right choices throughout your bachelor of arts degree. They cover information pertaining to your studies, provide study tips, career guidance, suggestions for involvement, advice on go abroad activities and on your well being.

Career opportunities

In the 21st century, the ability to communicate at the international level is an essential skill that is greatly valued in several areas including:

  • education (translation, research, teaching, library work, graduate studies)
  • business and industry (banking, journalism, export/import, advertising, publishing)
  • social work (police work, health sector, courts)
  • government services (customs, civil service, external affairs, immigration)

Note: some of these careers may call for supplementary education or preparation in the form of graduate studies, experiential learning or professional courses and exams.