Campus: St. John's Faculty: Humanities and Social Sciences
Department: Anthropology Honours available: Yes
Degree(s): Bachelor of arts; International bachelor of arts; Joint arts and science degree
Length: Four years
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Anthropology is the study of the origins of human beings and their culture worldwide. In addition to documenting a particular culture, anthropologists are interested in how and why human cultures change. Anthropology students at Memorial University will focus on core concepts, theoretical perspectives and case studies while examining a wide range of issues that exist in the contemporary world. 

Why study anthropology?

Anthropology courses provide a strong background if you intend to specialize in any of the social sciences and humanities or in medicine, nursing, social work, education, law, business, government and many other fields which require a cross-cultural understanding of human behaviour. 

Anthropology at Memorial

Our Faculty have addressed a wide range of important topics, including the Northern Ireland Peace Process, the political transformation that took place in Spain after the fall of Franco’s fascist regime, the politics of authenticity in Newfoundland’s fishing and tourism industries, historical memory of the Vietnam war, issues of development in Latin America, and social and political struggles over access to ocean spaces and resources.

Admission requirements

You may apply for admission into the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences by indicating bachelor of arts as your program choice on the undergraduate application for admission. Direct entry into the faculty is subject to your meeting the general admission requirements for Memorial University.

You may choose anthropology as your major at the time of application or you can explore your options and declare a major in a later semester by emailing to make your choice official.

Sample first year

Wondering what courses you would take in your first year? Check out a sample program of suggested courses for anthropology students.

Sample courses and degree map

ANTH 2260 - War and Aggression
ANTH 3073 - Imaginary Worlds
ANTH 4072 - Social and Cultural Aspects of Death

Anthropology degree map

Degree maps are navigational tools, designed to help you make the right choices throughout your bachelor of arts degree. They cover information pertaining to your studies, provide study tips, career guidance, suggestions for involvement, advice on go abroad activities and on your well being.

Career opportunities

Students of anthropology have gone on to find employment in:

  • public policy
  • journalism
  • international and public health
  • human and social services
  • human rights and social justice advocacy
  • environmental and natural resources
  • community development
  • international development
  • software development
  • information technology
  • product and service design

Meet one of their graduates

Note: some of these careers may call for supplementary education or preparation in the form of graduate studies, experiential learning or professional courses and exams.