Mature student requirements

If you are a Canadian or permanent resident applicant over the age of 21 who does not meet the Canadian or international high school admission requirements, and have not subsequently attended a post-secondary institution recognized by Memorial, you may provide evidence of preparation for academic study at the university level with the following documentation:

Personal statement

Outline your academic goals and demonstrate potential for success in university studies developed through work, volunteer, professional development activities and life experience since leaving high school.

Two letters of academic reference

Academic references should discuss, with the use of examples, your skills and abilities transferrable to academic success at the university-level study.

References should come from competent persons such as former instructors in a post-secondary setting, managers or supervisors in the workplace, persons in a leadership position such as coaches or mentors.

The following will not be accepted:

  • character references
  • references from friends and family members
  • references from former high school teachers or principals

You are responsible for contacting your referees to request these letters. Please ask your referees to submit their letters directly to

High school transcript

Whether you completed high school or not, an official transcript sent directly from the issuing institution is required. Please refer to the Canadian or international admission requirements for further instructions on document submission. Official transcripts from post-secondary institutions where high school upgrading was completed are also required to be submitted directly from the issuing institution.

Post-secondary transcripts (if applicable)

If you have attended an unrecognized post-secondary institution, such as a career college, you may arrange for the submission of official transcripts directly from the issuing institution. Further education, such as the completion of trades programs, can strengthen an application.

Proof of age

A scan or photocopy of a government document confirming your date of birth, such as a driver’s license, birth certificate, or passport.

Submitting your documents

Official transcripts should be submitted as outlined above, and letters of reference should be sent directly by your referees to the Office of the Registrar.  All other documents can be submitted by you using one of the following means:

By email 

By mail/post

Office of the Registrar
Memorial University
P.O. Box 4200
St. John's, NL A1C 5S7