Special admissions

Applicants with no previous post-secondary courses completed who do not meet the University's general undergraduate admission requirements under a high school category may request admission under the special admission category. 

Requests from applicants seeking admission to Grenfell Campus are considered by the Grenfell Campus Committee on Special Admission. All other requests are considered by the University Committee on Admissions. Decisions are based on assessment of the applicant's academic readiness for post-secondary studies. Decisions of the committee are final, with no further appeal possible.  

The committees consider the case presented by each applicant, the extent to which the circumstances were beyond the applicant’s control, and if the these have been resolved such that they are unlikely to prevent the student from succeeding in further studies. The cases are usually based upon unique and severe personal (e.g., family, financial, legal), medical issues (e.g. critical illness, accident, or mental health) or diagnosed learning issues for which treatment and accommodation has been, or can likely be, provided to support success.

Submission timeline

To allow sufficient time for reasonable and consistent consideration of special cases, supporting letters must be received at least one week prior to the beginning of the semester to which admission is being sought.  No new appeals will be accepted after that date.

Supporting documents required

A letter from the applicant requesting special admissions consideration, outlining the grounds for the request and the rationale for admission. The circumstances outlined in the student's letter must be substantiated with additional documentation. Such documentation may include one or more of the following:

  • A letter from the high school principal or guidance counsellor substantiating those grounds, speaking to the applicant’s ability and readiness to start university.
  • Applicant Medical Certificate, as applicable.
  • Letters from counsellors, social workers or other support services, as applicable.
  • Psycho-Educational Assessment diagnosis and recommendations, as applicable.
  • Death certificate of friend or family member, if applicable.
  • Other documentation as determined by the circumstances.

Submitting your documents

  • Documentation from the high school and from medical practitioners or other support personnel should be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar for confidentiality reasons.
  • Documentation can be emailed, delivered in person, or mailed by post.

St. John's Campus

Document submission and inquiries

Michelle Honeygold, convenor, University Committee on Admissions

Grenfell Campus

Document submission and inquiries

Shawna Matthews, Associate Registrar, Grenfell Campus