Current and former Memorial students

Current students

Current Memorial undergraduate students (those attending classes or who have registered for classes in the last three semesters) should review information on how to change their academic program, declare their program/major/minor, or apply for admission to competitive-entry programs.

Changing your program

Each semester, before registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your program and your registration time for the upcoming semester. If you are looking to change your academic program, you should consult with your academic advisor before proceeding with declaring your new program.

Declaring your program

Certain general admission programs can be declared using a declaration form. Find the correct process for declaring your program.

Applying for a competitive-entry program

If you are applying for a competitive-entry program, you will need to apply online through the admissions portal. Click the apply button below and select Create Account.

You will need to create a new account for the admissions portal using your @mun email address and by creating your own password.

Once your account is created, select Create Application and then select the application named Current Memorial Students.

You will also be required to include your current Memorial Student Number on the application to ensure you are not charged the general application fee.


Former students

Previous Memorial University undergraduate students who have not registered for courses for the past three consecutive semesters are required to submit an application for readmission. Applicants will keep their previous Memorial student number, and should provide this number on their application.

Readmission students

If you have not attended any other post-secondary institutions since you last registered at Memorial, no further documents will be required.

Readmission transfer students

If you have attended any other post-secondary institutions since you last registered at Memorial, you will be required to submit official transcripts from each institution. Please refer to our university or college transfer applicant requirements for more details.