Sponsored Student Guide


Meeting with an advisor

To ask questions or book an appointment please contact international@mun.ca.

What are students responsible for?

  • Following the rules of both the sponsor and Memorial University.
  • Understanding what your sponsor requires of you.
    • What do they require from you each semester?
    • Are you allowed to enrol in online courses?
    • Are you allowed to change majors?
    • What do you need to submit in case of extension?
  • Asking if you have any questions around your sponsorship or meeting the requirements of the sponsor.
  • Maintaining full time status.
    • Ensure you are registered to meet the requirements for both immigration and any sponsor specific requirements (these may not be the same).
  • Be familiar with the important dates and deadlines for the semester
  • Ensure your fees are paid on time.
    • We can assist with fee payment if required.
  • Check your student account regularly to ensure there are no outstanding fees and that there is no hold on your account.
  • Check your MUN email regularly.
  • Contact the Sponsored Student Advisor if you have any questions, concerns, or require any support.

What is the Sponsored Student Program responsible for?

  • Supporting in gathering and completion of required documentation for sponsors.
  • Providing assistance as required.

Who provides my health insurance? 

Information on health insurance can be found on the Internationalization Office Website.

How is my tuition paid and who sends invoices?

  • You are responsible for ensuring your tuition fees are paid on time.
  • If you require third party billing let us know.
    • In order for MUN to invoice your sponsor directly you will need to provide a letter from your embassy including the following:
      • MUN student number
      • Full name of the student
      • Period covered and description of eligible and ineligible expenses under the sponsorship program
      • Permission to bill

How do I request a letter/document for my sponsor?

Enrollment verification

You can request your enrollment verification through Memorial Self-Service.


You can request your transcript through Memorial Self-Service.