Prepare for Weather

Here are some tips on being weather-ready with your family in St John's!

The most reliable app for keeping oneself informed about the weather in St John's is Weather Canada App. You can also check the St. John's 36 Hours Weather Forecast for weather updates. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the weather in St John's prior to arrival and to bring weather-appropriate clothing with you. 

Please see the document prepared by I.O. on Winter Safety which provides advice and information on preparing for weather, snowy and slippery conditions for winter activities.

Some weather specific items are:

  • Fall Season: Rain jacket/ coat with hoodie, rain boots, an umbrella
  • Winter Season: Waterproof winter jacket/ coat/ waterproof windbreaker, rain boots, an umbrella, snow boots, waterproof mittens/ gloves, woollen muffler, woollen hats, thermal underwear (available at Old Navy) Note: the winters here are windy, rainy and cold. Make sure you bring a waterproof and insulated clothing. 
  • Summer/ Spring Season: Rain jacket/ coat with hoodie, rain boots, an umbrella, hat, sunscreen lotion

Here are some useful external resources to guide you when shopping for weather-related clothing.