Resume, CV, Cover Letter, and Interview Tips

What is a Resume and when do I use it?

  • Used for job search & usually 1-2 pages (click here for an example).
  • Provides an overview of your experiences to date (education, work experience, volunteering, skills, interests, hobbies).
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing Guide - Explains how to develop a resume and cover letter & gives examples to help you understand the different sections
  • Action Verbs: How do you describe your work or volunteer experience? Action verbs will help you design your sections and describe your duties.
  • Additional resume and cover letter resources

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and when do I use it?

  • Used for academic job search or continued research, schooling or experience in the academic field; not used for job search in industry. For more information about CV’s and academic job search please click here.

What is a Cover Letter and when do I use it?

  • 1 page letter that you send with a résumé when applying for a job.
  • Addresses the position you are applying for/the employer you are applying to and why you are interested in the position
  • Describes the reasons you are applying, the skills you have to do the position and adds a personal touch to your application
  • Cover Letter samples and tips to develop or update your cover letter

Interview Tips Information

  • In Canada, an interview is a common method that employers, faculty, and community organizations use to learn more about you. They meet with you and ask questions to get detailed information about your skills, education and background.
  • If you want to learn more about preparing for an interview please review the Interview tips listed on this page.
  • These are Common Interview Questions that someone will ask you in an interview and practice your answers. They list a variety of questions/situations an employer may ask you for an on or off campus job. This link: Interview Tips for International Students, provides a quick checklist of differences in interview styles & expectations in Canada and abroad.
  • Are you wondering what an interview in Canada would entail? Do you have an interview and want to get advice? Make an appointment for a "Mock interview”. This is a practice interview with questions and feedback to prepare you when you have a real interview.
  • For more information on resume, cover letter or interviews tips please contact the Internationalization Office.