Sponsored Student Program

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What is the Sponsored Student Program?

The Sponsored Student Program is a service provided within the Internationalization Office that provides specific support to sponsored students. The program offers a central contact who can facilitate communications between sponsors, sponsored students, and the university’s offices and departments. The central contact can provide one-to-one guidance and support throughout the student experience- from application and admissions, to arrival and settlement, and as the student progresses through their program to graduation. We are here to ensure a smooth and successful student experience throughout sponsored students’ studies. Our program provides services to current students, prospective students and sponsors

Who are sponsored students?

Sponsored students are international students whose studies are funded either partially of fully by their home governments or national government agencies. They will complete the entirety of their studies at Memorial University. Support generally includes funding for tuition, fees, and living expenses.


The Sponsored Student Program does not provide funding for students. The program supports students who have already obtained or will be seeking third party sponsorship funding to attend Memorial University.

Contact information

If you have questions check out the frequently asked questions, or connect with the internationalization office by emailing: international@mun.ca