Opting Into the Foreign Health Insurance Plan

Your foreign health insurance will automatically be renewed each semester you are a registered student unless you have opted out of the foreign health insurance.

If you are a registered international student whose MCP is no longer valid and you need to opt into the foreign health and reverse your opt out, complete this form and send it to Natasha (nclark@mun.ca). 

If you are in Canada and you are not a registered international student, for example:

  • You are a dependent of a student
  • You are on a scheduled break, leave of absence or academic suspension
  • You are a post doc or visiting scholar/faculty

Then you may be eligible to purchase insurance from the foreign health insurance provider, Guard Me. The insurance you are able to purchase is different than the foreign health insurance plan. To purchase insurance, go to www.guard.me/mun and select Purchase Insurance or Dependents, as applicable.

Please note, if you have insurance that is about to expire, it is strongly advised that you purchase insurance prior to your insurance expiring or within 30 days of expiry, otherwise you may not be eligible to purchase insurance. In addition, if you purchase insurance while you are ill, the coverage may not apply to your current illness (see pre-existing condition clause in policy).