The World University Services of Canada (WUSC) is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to improving education, employment, and empowerment opportunities for youth around the world. It was founded by a group of students in Toronto in 1929 and has since evolved into a global network encompassing international student services with more than twelve projects in twenty-five different countries.

WUSC adopted its name in 1957 as the organization continued to grow and develop. The student refugee program (SRP) is the heart of the organization and the longest standing program known in Canada. In 1978, WUSC formally launched the SRP which supported 1800 refugee students. The scope of this mission supports the core education that they need while providing them with an opportunity to work after education in a peaceful setting. The SRP is one of the only programs that combines resettlement and education allowing approximately 130 students to become permanent residents on the path to resettlement.

Along with the private donations from generous Canadians, government grants, family foundations and student groups, WUSC has partnered with 90 universities to share the responsibility to make this national program possible. There are only one percent of refugees that are able to access post-secondary education that is why it is so important that these eligible, talented students are provided with life-changing opportunities such as this.

A group of talented and dedicated students of Memorial University with the support of the Internationalization Office of MUN have united to open a local chapter for the St. John’s campus. In partnership with WUSC headquarters in Ottawa, this local committee is dedicated to rising awareness about global refugee crisis and fundraise to bring the student refugee program at MUN. Please connect with us if you are interested in learning more about the WUSC-MUN!

WUSC Local Committees are dynamic, campus-based collectives comprising students, faculty, staff, and alumni who firmly believe in education's transformative power to reshape the world. Representing the most extensive network of its kind in Canada, WUSC’s Local Committees are active across more than 90 universities, colleges, and CEGEPs nationwide. These committees are made up of genuine changemakers that support WUSC by offering opportunities for refugees to pursue postsecondary education on Canadian campuses through the Student Refugee Program. Additionally, they promote global citizenship by educating and engaging their peers about various developmental issues, including the global refugee crisis, reaching tens of thousands annually.

Founded in 2018, the WUSC Local Committee at MUN, known as MUN_WUSC LC, has been instrumental in introducing this program to Memorial University. In September of that year, five students, deeply committed to enhancing refugee student education, established this group. Their efforts were supported by the Internationalization Office at MUN. Their primary objective was to lay the foundation for young refugees to embark on their post-secondary education journey at Memorial University and to begin a new chapter of their lives in Newfoundland. Over the years, this diligent team has expanded and currently includes the Chair, SRP (Student Refugee Program) Assistants, Ambassadors, and dedicated volunteers. Together, they extend a warm welcome to SRP scholars arriving at MUN each year, assist with their integration, and play an active role in raising awareness both on campus and throughout the province.

WUSC Ambassadors at MUN serve as the public face of the WUSC-MUN Local Committee, championing the cause and raising awareness on global issues, with a special focus on the refugee crisis. Their mission extends to students, faculty, and staff at MUN, aiming to immerse them in the empowerment initiatives for women and youth, especially in socio-economic aspects.

These ambassadors organize events and activities centered on the SRP, enlightening the MUN community about their crucial role in sponsoring refugee students. Beyond this, the ambassadors tirelessly advocate for youth, shedding light on the challenges that young refugees, in particular, grapple with in realizing their full potential. Their endeavors strive to inspire the Memorial University community and the broader province into contributing to a positive global impact by championing these pivotal causes.

The Student Refugee Program (SRP) stands out as the only initiative that seamlessly merges resettlement with higher education opportunities. Annually, with the collaborative efforts of over 95 Canadian campuses, the program extends support to more than 130 refugee students. Since its inception in 1978, WUSC has facilitated the empowerment of over 2,000 young refugees from 39 conflict-ridden countries, allowing them to pursue their education in the safety and welcoming atmosphere of Canada.

A distinctive feature of the SRP is its youth-to-youth and for-youth-by-youth sponsorship model. This approach empowers Canadian university students to actively sponsor refugee students. The campus-based Local Committees not only fundraise and raise awareness for the program but also offer invaluable social and academic support to SRP scholars on a daily basis.

In March 2019, a group of students deeply committed to refugee youth education, with the backing of the Internationalization Office, launched an awareness campaign highlighting the global refugee crisis and the challenges young refugees face in accessing post-secondary education. The campaign rapidly gained traction, resonating with hundreds of students eager to contribute. Within just three weeks, the initiative amassed a staggering 1,723 signatures. Spurred by this overwhelming endorsement, the MUNSU Board of Directors proposed a referendum to gauge interest in introducing the SRP at MUN.

On November 6, 2019, the referendum's results unequivocally revealed MUN's commitment to this cause. MUN was set to become the 93rd Canadian institution to establish an on-campus Student Refugee Program. Undergraduate students agreed to contribute an additional $2 per semester to their student fees, earmarked to fund a year of post-secondary education for a refugee student. Conducted online, the referendum witnessed the participation of 3,142 students. A compelling majority, approximately 93% or 2,923 students, voted "Yes" in favor of both introducing the program at MUN and the accompanying $2 per semester levy to sponsor an SRP scholar annually.

In 2020, MUN opened its doors to its inaugural SRP scholar. As of Fall 2023, MUN has proudly welcomed a total of 5 SRP scholars. Beyond mere academic pursuits, these scholars enjoy both social and academic support from the WUSC Local Committee at MUN, coupled with a guaranteed minimum of 12 months of financial backing. Through the SRP's $2 per-semester levy, MUN's undergraduate student body plays an instrumental role, collectively financing the education of these scholars and igniting hope in the lives of young refugees.

Are you keen on volunteering with MUN_WUSC LC and joining our vibrant community of change-makers? If so, please fill out the Google Form now! Active volunteers will not only be recognized for their co-curricular record but will also develop exceptional professional skills. Moreover, you'll gain insights into the global refugee crisis and broader development issues.

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 The current Local Committee members are:

Charvi – Chair of LC
Malual, Yar Ayuen – SRP Assistant
Probandho, Farhan Ishrak – WUSC Ambassador
Jean, Louis Megane C – WUSC Ambassador
Eqbal Nahzat – Graduate Assistant

For direct inquiries, feel free to email our Local Committee at wusc@mun.ca.

If you wish to contact our Staff Advisor or Faculty Advisor, please reach out to:

Arif Abu (he/him, they/them)

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