Our Team

Whether helping patients understand and use their medications safely, working collaboratively with other health care professionals or interpreting the latest clinical evidence for patient benefit — our pharmacist clinicians are experts at providing the best possible care for patients. Ensuring that our patients' receive the best care possible to help them achieve their best health outcomes is our primary focus.

Clinic Director

Dr. Debbie Kelly

Dr. Debbie Kelly

Dr. Kelly is responsible for the overall strategic direction and day-to-day function of the MTS Clinic. 

Clinic Pharmacists

Dr. Cathy Balsom

Dr. Cathy Balsom

Dr Balsom has practiced in community pharmacy and is enthusiastic about solving patients’ drug related problems and ensuring they are getting the most out of their medication therapy regimen.

Dr. Terri Genge

Dr. Terri Genge

Dr. Genge has worked as a community pharmacist and was involved in providing clinical pharmacy services to a long-term care facility, as well as a rural hospital setting. 

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Dr. Jeremy MacDonald

Jeremy is a drug information lecturer and a clinic pharmacist who enjoys working with patients to optimize their medications and to help them meet their health goals.


Ms. Nicole Pittman

Ms. Nicole Pittman (research assistant)

Ms. Mary Gibbons (administrative support – on leave) 

Ms. Cheryl Stamp (interim administrative support)

Pharmacy students:

Students contribute as part of the team at various stages of their education. They are involved with carrying out medication reviews, providing immunizations and following up with patients at the clinic as part of their curriculum.