For Patients

Our pharmacists will work with you to help you understand your medical conditions and your medications, to help you meet your health goals.

  • Maybe you want to learn more about the medications you are taking, or you have questions about conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Maybe you feel like you are taking too many medications and you would like to discuss ways to reduce the number of medicines you take.
  • Maybe you want to know if you should be taking supplements to improve your health.
  • Maybe you feel like your medicines are not working as well as they should to help you live your best life.

We can help!

When you make an appointment at our clinic, we will meet with you virtually to discuss everything about your medications. We will answer your questions and assess whether there are opportunities to improve your medication therapy. We will ensure that your medications are benefitting you and safe to take with your other medications and conditions.

After your visit, we will assess your health and medications and call you to discuss our recommendations. Then we will make suggestions to your doctor or nurse practitioner and work with them to ensure you’re on the best medications for you. We’ll also work with you and your community pharmacist to implement any changes and make sure we are all working toward the same goals!