Pharmacy Practice Experience (PPE) Program

Pharmacy Practice Experiences (PPEs) enable students to gain practical experiences in pharmacy and related settings. Under the supervision of pharmacist preceptors, students will have the opportunity to apply their university-gained knowledge and skills to patients and practice situations in order to achieve proficiency and competency in performing the functions of a pharmacist.

The Pharm. D. program requires 44 weeks of practice experience: 12 weeks of early pharmacy practice experience and 32 weeks of advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE).

Policy Handbook

Pharmacy Practice Experiences (PPE) outline:

Year One
Students shadow a community pharmacist (4 x 3 hour sessions during the Winter semester)  and complete community service learning (20 hours)

Year Two- Spring/Summer
: Community pharmacy (6 weeks)

Year Three- Spring/Summer
: Hospital dispensary (2 weeks) + PPE 3: Any direct patient care setting (4 weeks)

Year Four- Winter
: Hospital clinical setting (2 weeks), introduction to advanced practice placements

Year Five- APPE courses begin in May and will conclude by the following April
: Direct Patient Care (8 weeks); PPE 6: Acute Care Hospital (8 weeks);  PPE 7: Community Pharmacy (8 weeks); PPE 8: Elective - Direct or Non-direct Patient Care (6 weeks)

For further information contact:

Wanda Spurrell 
Practice Experience Program Coordinator
Phone: (709) 864-7900 Fax: (709) 864-6941