About us


The Cannabis Health Evaluation and Research Partnership (CHERP) team based at Memorial University is a multidisciplinary team of researchers from faculties including Pharmacy, Medicine, Psychology, Education and Business. Other groups represented include the provincial government, citizens, and retailers.  

The goals of CHERP are to:

  1. Explore how cannabis legalization has affected health & public safety in NL by evaluating related policies.
  2. Describe how people in NL consume cannabis compared to the rest of Canada.
  3. Examine how the way we sell cannabis meets government and consumer needs.
  4. Determine if public cannabis education campaigns are effective & provide empirical support for their refinement.
  5. Measure how cannabis legalization has impacted public health & safety.

Keep up to date on CHERP's activities on Facebook (@cherpCA) and Twitter (@cherpCA), or reach out to the team by email at caneval@mun.ca. 

CHERP is funded by: