Pharmacy Research Day

Every fall we hold Pharmacy Research Day, as part of Memorial University's week-long celebration of research across campuses. It's a chance for us to highlight faculty and student research here in the school, while continuing to build and promote a culture of research. 

We'll keep you posted as we plan for Research Day 2022.

Pharmacy Research Day 2021

Pharmacy Research Day celebrates advancements in healthcare collaboration, drug discovery and delivery, health outcomes and teaching and learning research in pharmacy.

The day includes a keynote address, a poster competition and mini presentations.

2021 Agenda: Friday, Nov. 26

Once again this year we've scheduled Pharmacy Research Day, Friday, November 26th, 2021, to coincide with Memorial's university-wide Research Week. All activities are happening online, as we continue to navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Undergraduate students, graduate students, and pharmacy residents involved in research activities in the last academic year are inivted to take part in poster competitions and mini-presentations. Judging panels will evaluate all posters remotely, and winners may be selected for one of several awards.

Tentative Schedule:

12:15  - 1:00 Welcome, Introductions, Research Presentations: Hospital Residents; APPE PharmD students

1:00 – 2:00: Keynote Address
Presenter: Dr. Krishnan Tirunellai

Title: Accelerating Research Effort to Reach Patients Sooner: Basic research is geared towards discovery - the next step is applying it to generate the proof of concept. The sooner that researchers and scientists think about getting their discovery to Phase I the better it is for patients. This requires learning additional skills to think like a regulatory reviewer and apply them as research tools.


2:00–3:15 pm: Undergraduate Summer Research Competition 


3:15–4:15 00 pm, Graduate Research Competition Poster 


Come cheer on your fellow students!! They'll present their research findings in posters as well as through mini virtual oral presentations. You'll be able to view posters (hyperlink to be provided) before joining the virtual presentation session.

Important instructions and timelines:

Poster Competition:

  • Each virtual poster will be judged by a panel of three referees.
  • A number of awards may be available in the undergraduate student, graduate student and resident categories.
  • Students must submit an abstract of their poster/presentation (maximum one page) to Dr. Liu (and copy Kristine Day) by Wednesday, Nov. 17th, 2021.
  • The abstracts should be reviewed by the appropriate supervisors before the submission. Dr. Liu will send a confirmation e-mail those who submit an abstract.



Catherine Grandy:
A Description of Mental Health Outcomes Among Perinatal Women Followed in a Psychiatric Clinic Stratified by Substance Use
(Supervisors: Jennifer Donnan, Lisa Bishop)

Rebecca Norman:
The Use of Aspirin Thromboprophylaxis Compared to Alternative Anticoagulants in Elective Total Hip Replacement: A Retrospective Cohort Study
(Supervisors: Stephanie Young, Jason Kielly)

APPE Students:

Rita Huang:
Preferences for Attributes of Choice When Considering a Health Canada Approved Weight Loss Medication Among Adults Living with Obesity in Canada: A Qualitative Study
(Supervisors: Jennifer Donnan, Laurie Twells)

Undergraduate Students:

Michael Coombs:
Trends in Drug Treatment of Patients with Newly Diagnosed Acute Pulmonary Embolism
(Supervisor: Stephanie Young)

Megan Jensen
Weight Misperception and the Correlation with Obesity in Newfoundland and Labrador
(Supervisor: Hai Nguyen)

Maria Josey
Cannabis Information Found on the Internet: The Protocol
(Supervisors: Jennifer Donnan, Lisa Bishop)

Asha Kennedy
Correlations between Admissions Scores and Academic Achievement
(Supervisors: Erin Davis, Shawn Bugden)

Melanie King
Impacts of Public Reimbursement of Pharmacist-Led Smoking Cessation Services On Uptake and Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Services
(Supervisor: Hai Nguyen)

Breanna Lynch
Excessive Healthcare Costs due to Opioid Misuse in Newfoundland and Labrador
(Supervisor: Hai Nguyen)

Olivia Perry
Quantification of Neurovasculature Changes in a Post-Hemorrhagic Stroke Animal-Model
(Supervisor: Noriko Daneshtalab)

Emily Rowe
Exploring Youths’ Cannabis Health Literacy Post Legalization: A qualitative Study
(Supervisors: Lisa Bishop, Jennifer Donnan)

Sandi Schuhmacher
Planting the Seeds for Success: Perceived Barriers and Facilitators for Prescribers to Discuss and Authorize Medical Cannabis
(Supervisors: Lisa Bishop, Jennifer Donnan)

Jacob Drolet
Medications Cost Change Following Deprescribing During Pharmacist-Administered Comprehensive Medication Reviews: A Retrospective Chart Audit
(Supervisor: Debbie Kelly)

Graduate Students:

Cathy Balsom
Testing for Hepatitis C Infection in People Who Inject Drugs – a Scoping Review of the Qualitative Evidence
(Supervisor: Debbie Kelly)

Michael Blackwood
The Temporal Analysis of Non-Medical Cannabis Legalization and Risk Perception in Atlantic Canada
(Supervisors: Jennifer Donnan, Lisa Bishop)

Bronwyn Bridges
Neuroprotective Effects of Wild Blueberries and the Progress of a Patient Remote Monitoring System for Parkinson’s Disease
(Supervisor: John Weber)

Tanisha Wright-Brown
Identifying the Barriers to Operating a Cannabis Retail Outlet Under a Private Retail Model in Canada: A Systematic Content Analysis
(Supervisor: Jennifer Donnan)

Dalainey Drakes
Cannabis-Related Peer Pressure: Perceptions of Canadian Youth & Young Adults
(Supervisors: Lisa Bishop, Jennifer Donnan)