Alumni + Donors

You are caring, concerned health care practitioners. You are revolutionizing the way we practice pharmacy. You are engaged, innovative and current. You are the health practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers who drive change and improve our population’s health and wellbeing.

You are graduates of Memorial’s School of Pharmacy.

You developed a work ethic that has remained with you since you crossed the stage at convocation, and you’ve learned that the hard work didn’t end when you received your degree. You worked tirelessly throughout your years with us – and you learned the importance of strong teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.

We are so proud of your hard work and achievements, and we don’t want to say goodbye. There are many ways to stay connected with us, including becoming a pharmacist preceptor, volunteering during admissions interviews, joining us at alumni events and more. We truly hope you stay involved so that we may celebrate your accomplishments, provide you with professional development opportunities, keep you up to date on developments in the SoP and more.

Please – stay connected