Reasons to Refer

Reasons to refer
  • Comprehensive medication assessments: To understand what patients are actually taking, why and whether ongoing therapy is necessary. Useful for patients who see multiple prescribers or new patients to your practice
  • Deprescribing: We can assess whether any long-term medications may no longer be needed and suggest a specific plan to safely taper and discontinue
  • Falls or memory impairment: Could there be a medication-related cause? What options exist?
  • Specific symptom or disease management: Complex, medication-resistant symptoms may require more in-depth research and assessment of treatment options
  • Medication education and adherence support
Why refer?
  • Saves time in sorting through complex medication regimens, including over-the-counter medications, supplements, natural health products
  • Provides a realistic picture of what and how patients are actually taking their medications, and the issues they are experiencing
  • Assessment and recommendations faxed back for your feedback to ensure we are all working from the same plan
  • We offer home visits (St. John's metro area) and distance delivery via video conference to patients who cannot attend our clinic in person